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The beauty of the connected world is that no matter where you are, you have the ability to work with and connect with anyone.  Geography isn't a limitation like it once was, so don't let it limit your business!

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Success in your business endeavour with the successful completion of steps.  Take your next step with Dixon Development and make sure it is the right one.  Always put your best foot foward.

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We can't wait to work with you and get you on your next step!

Frequently asked questions

We get asked a lot of questions, here are some of the answers.

Can I do the work myself?

Yes you can.  But just like anything else, you might not have all the knowledge and expertise to get the best results.  Having someone on your side with the skills to help accomplish your goals will allow you to put your best foot forward.

Is it expensive?

We offer custom packages to meet most any budget.  It all depends on what you want.  It is also important to think of marketing as an investment, not an expense.

How do I know you are good?

Michael Dixon has been in some form of marketing and sales for his whole career, spanning over 20 years.  In that time, he has kept up with the latest trends and technology, and wow how things have changed.  You can rest assured that he has the knowledge and expertise to help you reach your goals.