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Finding Your Voice - Introduction

When you embark on your business journey, you know in your heart what makes you special.

You know who you are. You know what you have to offer.  You know why you started your business and why it was important to you that you do so. You know when you decided to make the jump to do it.  You hopefully incorporated this into your brand.

And that is a great first step.  

Knowing these things is only part of what you need to know though.  

Where do you go from here?

In this series of posts about ‘Finding Your Voice’ I will give you some thoughts on what your next steps should be.  By the end of this series, enough information should be at your fingertips to take the next step.

In the past, we have discussed the importance of planning.  Part of that planning needs to include finding your voice.  But how do you do that?  In fact, what even is ‘your voice’?

I’ll start with the second question first.

What is your Voice?

This may sound simple, but if it were, everyone would be good at it!

Your voice is:

  • What you say
  • How you say it
  • Where you say it
  • Who you say it to

Over the course of this series on finding your voice, a lot more detail on these things will be shared.

How do you find your voice?

There is one important aspect of your voice I haven’t covered yet.  And that is ‘what is your story?’

Everyone has a story to tell.  Not everyone can tell it effectively.  Being able to find your voice and get that story out to the world IS your next step.

In order to get your story out into the world, you need to have a plan (there is that word again!).  A strategy will help to make sure you follow through and don’t miss anything important.  There are some very specific things you need to include in this story, and they will be touched on in this series.

Having a voice, finding it, and using it effectively is essential to success in business. Consistency in how your story gets out there helps build your brand.  Making people understand why you do what you do, and how it can benefit them, brings you their business.

And consistent execution brings their loyalty.

Social media is a great way to get your voice heard.  If the whole idea intimidates you, use one of a number of social media marketing agencies, such as ours.

Stay tuned for the next post in this series on Finding Your Voice, where we will tackle different aspects of finding you voice, and using it effectively.